Apiary Meeting Wednesday 2nd. July

We did no more this evening than lift the crown boards. Our new Buckfast colony in two weeks has drawn five frames of comb and has filled the brood box. It has shown very healthy expansion and needs more room so we shall add a super asap. Our colony from last year has drawn a super of comb and pretty nearly filled it with honey, so they need a second super. Since both colonies are clearly doing well we didn’t check the brood box and so left the bees to get on with it. The downside of inspecting a brood nest is that the disturbance upsets the routine by breaking down the pheronome communication links held within. It is said that it can take up to 48 hours for the colony to get up to speed again, so we don’t inspect if its not necessary.
We need to make up a further 22 frames for the extra supers by the weekend. Volunteers welcome, training given. Call me on 510068 or e-mail brooklynhouse@btinternet.com if you can help.