During the Covid 19 pandemic we have had to adapt to a different way of living. For many of us this has emphasised what is important in life and given us time to consider how we can keep some of the good aspects of the change we have seen during this strange and – for some – very sad and difficult time.

Blakeney Hill Growers has adapted by making sure that family groups cover the shifts and we are using hand sanitisers and gloves around shared tools. On the garden we have split into pairs so no one is working alone but there is plenty of space in the garden to be careful to remain 2+ meters apart. (Physical distance, not social distance!)

My whole working life has been about caring for the earth and building community. Blakeney Hill Growers was started when “peak oil” and transition to a society weaned off fossil fuels looked like it may be forced on us. Since then the threat of losing oil has become less immediate but the realisation by society that even if we can get the oil out the ground we shouldn’t if we have a hope of reducing the impact of climate change to manageable levels.

Blakeney Hill Growers is one way that we can create local sustainable food; it is a way to build a positive future.

This pandemic has shown us how quickly long supply chains can be broken, how quickly what is considered normal food is no longer on supermarket shelves. Blakeney Hill Growers is able to be a part of building local sustainability into the future of our food supply as well as producing food that does not contribute to the climate emergency. I hope we can build on what we have here and make local food and learning and participating in growing food accessible to anyone. We are flexible and adaptable which makes us resilient and sustainable. If you are interested in getting involved in any way at all please get in touch or fill in a membership form in the contact /join us tab.

All the best to you in these strange times


Rebekah Hoyland