Bees – 20/5/21

Steve, John, Mark, and I didt an inspection of our 4 national hives and 2 nucs. The top bar was left alone since it has swarmed and has queen cells about to hatch. We didn’t go queen hunting but did see two queens. Two of the nationals are full of bees and brood and are looking good for the summer honey flow which is usually late June July, a further one is progressing but the last is weak. So I have changed my plan on colony merging and will merge the overwintered nucleus with the latter. The other nucleus with the swarm from the top bar is occupying 5 frames and the bees are going great guns at making comb, it has potential and we will transfer this colony to a national on its own. None of the colonies have much in the way of nectar and although it goes against the grain to feed this time of year we will give the bees a boost with spring feed. I will make up the feed but could do with some muscle help to carry it up to the apiary and distribute it around, anytime over the weekend. Volunteer?