Bees – 11/4/21

In the expectation of better weather for bees (warmer days and sunshine making foraging possible)
we will start our beekeeping next Saturday at 2:00 pm. The hives haven’t been opened since the autumn and the first spring inspection is always interesting. Have the colonies survived? How strong are they? Are the queens present and are they laying? Given that there will be problems what do we beekeepers need to do to help?

You are all invited to attend within the Covid restrictions of 6 people maximum so please let me know if you are coming. I have some bee suits available for loan so let me know if you need one.

Once we have decided what action to take we will meet again on the following Wednesday evening to do whatever we judge is needed for the bees.

Subscriptions for the year are also due. The fees and the membership form are on the website.